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Golf Tournament
May 9, 2013
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From: Brian Lambert -- Volunteer
Posted: June 2, 2004

Service is not political. Caring for families that have lost loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq, is neither a democratic nor a republican act. For those of us that can't lend a hand in the more dangerous theatres of confrontation, we can comfort those that have lost family member here at home. When Mike told me about the Golf Tournament, I didn't know much about it except it was to raise money for the families. I told him I'll wash dishes or whatever is needed. I felt like I finally had a chance to do something. Living in southern California, it's difficult at times to feel patriotic in public. I somehow keep love for America a secret in most of my social gatherings. It's just not hip to be patriotic here. But, at this golf tournament I was able to serve and be with great people. It was OK to love my country and help those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Mike for your dedication!


Brian Lambert

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