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Strandapalooza  --  September 4, 2005
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A sunny day here in Southern Cal., September 4th, Labor Day weekend. It seems that the world was just fine. The sun was out, people were walking their dogs, exercising, catching some rays. Things couldn't be better except that our country was in a war with a ruthless enemy, and one of our most beloved American cities, as well as an entire region of our country, was under water.

Jason Walker, one of our board members, was organizing a party for the Labor Day weekend to bring all his friends together for some fun in the sun and at the same time, honor our Warriors that have paid the ultimate price for us to be free... raise money for the foundation and carry on the cause. Then Katrina hit New Orleans. The devastation was unbelievable. Everyone's attention turned to New Orleans, our hopes and prayers and also our pocket books. Everybody involved with the event decided to give half of the proceeds to the victims of Katrina via the Red Cross, and the balance for the families of our Fallen Warriors. We raised a total $1,557.00, raffling a few things, cooking a few burgers, and 20 at the door. People walking by came over and donated money, some because of the families of our Fallen Warriors and others because of the victims of Katrina. One thing for sure, everybody had a special day with our Country and our Heroes in mind.

Special thanks to Jason Walker and Matt Minich for making it happen.

Strandapalooza - 2005
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Katrina / New Orleans - 2005
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